These Vs Those


These and those are some of the most frequently used words in English language, particularly in the oral communication. Their use can be very easy if you keep a few points in mind.

These and those are the plural form of this and that. To understand usage of these and those we need to firstly have a look at the use of this and that.

The choice among this and that comes down to the question of proximity of the item from us, that is the distance of the item we are referring to. If it is near to us than we use THIS and if  we are referring to a little far item than we use THAT.

One might wonder – how much far, what distance is to be considered as parameter for choice?
The choice is actually relative one and it totally depends on one’s own consent. But as a general rule if two people are conversing with each other, (Suppose I am in a conversation with some other person) and the item is more closer to me than the other person, I  will use THIS in that case, on the other hand if  compared to both, the item is much closer to other person than me, then I will use THAT.

Example Sentences:-

1 – These mangoes are sour.

2- These are stamps from colonial times.

3- Those kids in the neighbouring   street always keep shouting..

4- Those flowers in the garden were very beautiful.


These and Those would be used in the same sense as this and that when referring to plural objects.

The only place where one needs to be careful is when the subject matter in question cannot be measured in terms of distance even relatively, like the ideas and intangible things (e.g.- thought, smell, expression). In such situation it’s totally on individual’s choice and understanding   whether to use these and those, there is no hard and fast rule to choose.

One more point to keep in mind is that, while referring to something related to past we use THAT/THOSE and for future events we use normally THIS/THESE.

e.g. –   “THOSE movies of Bond turned out to be super flop”

          “THESE upcoming movies might change Bond’s fortunes in Box Office”


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