Polymers are large molecules made up of a large number of sub-units. They can be both naturally occurring as well as human-made ( called synthetic polymers). In recent times polymers have become an indispensable part of human life and we find them in most of the items surrounding us, mainly due to the low cost and durability factor associated with them.

Fibres occur in nature in different forms like  DNA, proteins, teflon etc.  But most of the fibers which we use nowadays are man-made fibers, created by man for his use. Some of the artificial polymers include – polyethylene, PVC materials, nylon 6, etc.

There can be many bases of classification of polymers be it on the basis of their origin, physical properties, use, we will confine ourself to this molecular differentiation of the two most common types –  Thermoset and Thermoplastics. Majority of the polymers can be grouped under these two headings, hence this type of classification of the polymer is considered best.

 Thermoplastic Polymer

 Thermosetting Polymer

  1 Bonding between molecular chain is of secondary nature only. They have the primary type of bonds too between chains.
  2 They can be melted or molded to obtain different shape. They can’t be molded or melted.
  3 They are also called linear polymers. They are termed as cross-linked polymers.
  4 They can exist in any of the 3 phases upon a change in temperature. They can exist only in 2 phases of above.


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