500_2000 indian  rupees new notes
paisa bolta hai

Yet another surprise package by the Modi govt – Banning 500-1000 rupees notes. PM Modi declared that this is done in order to have check on black money and make them invaluable.

True that, it adds one more to the armory of fight against Corruption. In a day the whole of black money stored inside the rooms, bed sheet covers, underground everything becomes a null. This bold step by the central govt would have far reaching consequences & also gives a strong signal about govt and its bold positive attitude.

First time the whole of India seemed to be in so much panic after the announcement. There was a long of queue of people outside ATM, petrol tanks. But coming to the bigger question what & in how many ways a common person would be benefitted by this.

To a person who earns his two times bread all with honesty-its a time to be proud and cheer. First time in history has his honesty being recognised and honoured.

The direct benefit one will get is in terms of the goods & other times price lowering down – ultimately leading to low inflation. Also the work would be carried down now very quickly in govt offices, govt revenues would increase which would be used for the benefit of honest and poor masses of the country. Third and most important benefit would be in the accountability of every economic activity. Many are already seeing it as India’s next major step towards cashless economy.

Though there has been chaos regarding rules and other areas of common use, but this very effort by the govt needs to be specially recognised and applauded. One can also say _ “ACHHE DIN AA RHE HAI “ !!


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