Though Islam is the second largest religion in the world. Muslim population counts to nearly one-fourth of the world’s population. Despite its huge population, many people (particularly westerners) don’t have clear idea of Islam and its principles. Islam religion was started some 1400 years ago (around 570 AD) by Prophet Muhammad, an Arabic merchant of Mecca, and since then Islam has traveled from Mecca to almost every corner of the world. It has now more than a billion followers all over the world. The one follows Islam sect is called Muslim.


– The word Islam refers to the religion. It’s one of the largest followed religions across the world. The word Islam derives its origin from Arabic verbal noun s-l-m. Islam was started around 570 AD by Prophet Muhammad in the Arabic town of Mecca, in Saudi Arabia. He was a well-known merchant in the region, devoted to meditation and one day he announced that he was receiving messages from GOD. He spoke out the prophecy in middle of the market and announced himself as the messenger of GOD (prophet). People were very much influenced by his words and started to follow his teachings. This marked the beginning of Islam. These words spoken at that time were noted down carefully, which later were compiled in a book which was named The Quran, the holy book of Islam. This book is used by all the Muslim people all over the world for offering prayers to Muhammad. The whole Quran contains teachings of Muhammad on how one should live one’s life as per Allah, and it asks for absolute submission to the personal and unique God, Allah.


The word Muslim also derives its origin from Arabic verbal noun is used to refer to people who follow Islamic religion. We will never say –“He is Islamic”, rather it should be said like this-  “He is Muslim”. Muslim is used to refer to the individual or communities following Islam. E.g. –“Muslims gather every Friday at the mosque for their prayers”.


Key Differences –

Islam vs Muslim

Sr No. Islam Muslim
1. Islam refers to the religion started by Prophet Muhammad. The word Muslim is used to refer to the person/community following Islam.
2. The word Islam derives its origin from Arabic verbal noun s-l-m. The word Muslim also derives its origin from Arabic verbal noun s-l-m
3. Islam is following Quran, which asks for submission of oneself to the act of God. Muslim is the one who submits himself, that is the person.
4. It is thus a belief, teaching to be followed by a Muslim. Muslim is the one who believes in these teachings and verses underlaid in the holy book.


Author’s View (Summary) –

Islam and Muslim both refer to the same thing, yet they are very different from each other.  While the word Islam described the religion started by Prophet Muhammad and Muslim on the other hand describes the individual, one who follows the Islam religion and abides by the rules laid down n their holy book “Quran”. Thus we can conclude and sum this all in single sentence – “The people who follow ISLAM religion are called MUSLIM “.

I hope that through this article we were able to clear all your doubts regarding Islam and Muslims.



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