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As i was going through the newspaper today,Trump passed executive order to ban travel from 7 Muslim countries.He is doing exactly what he promised in his election campaigns


The connection between Islam and terrorism has long been in debate. So before I go to the core subject I wish to apologies in advance if unknowingly i hurt any ones sentiments. i don’t envy Muslims, they are same as any other individual to me and to suffice this i would like to tell you, that one among the two friends i had spent my whole school life with is a Muslim.

As I have read in books Islam is a beautiful religion, and indeed it is. Some of their customs are really fascinating, like the way they wash their face.

But why is it so that almost every militant that we hear is a Muslim?

For long it has been said that these are illiterate, jobless person who have never read Quran. They fall in this vicious cycle. They are misguided and thereafter carry out attacks in the name of Allah, as a service to the god.


But I believe it’s much more than that, if the above said things were true than why does not a Hindu /Christian/Jain  boy who too has never seen Gita in his entire life is not misguided and does not turn out to be a militant.


So that brings us to the obvious conclusion that- there is some connection between Islam and terrorism, though in a very different way from what people think.


Before that lets know about Islam. There used to be a modest business man in the town of mecca in Saudi Arabia – Muhammad. Suddenly one day in the middle of the market he declared that he was receiving incarnations from god, which became the foundation of Islam. Like Christianity, islam too is a monotheistic religion focused on single man. No-one knows whether he truly received any incarnations or not (much like no-one has seen Hindu gods, all are beliefs and are prevalent)

Now the Quran mentions these all teachings which Muhammad imparted. It mentions in depth the way to lead your life for the attainment of good, practises to be performed daily as per God.


There are various anomalies which are followed by a true Muslim, which i believe are very extreme in some cases and that become the root cause for this happenings. Like Quran asks the individual only to cut the throat bit by bit (halal) before eating any animal. One is allowed to have more than one wife as per Islamic laws (polygamy).It demands for a very hard one month fast in the month of Ramzan, even a small kid who does not even know the meaning of roza have to fast. There are many more practices which are followed by a Muslim, which makes him over-dedicated and extra-sentimental towards his religion, his god.


The word Islam means peace, surrender to God’s will and submission. The practices which are laid down in Quran are very tough to be followed in order to reach the goal, so tough that no one can follow it perfectly. And I believe here only lays the problem, the root cause, the connection between terror and Islam are these extreme practices/laws.


And then certain people take advantage of these religious feelings to incite week minds to commit crimes in the name of the religion. I firmly believe that these hard practices are somehow responsible for an individual easily getting bent to carry out extreme steps in the name of protection of his religion and for the spread of his religion.

Some people take the advantage of the hard attachment of the people towards their good. Because of these few people the whole Muslim community has to carry the baggage of terror. It’s high time to look back at the whole identity of a Muslim person, the laws mentioned in Quran and relax certain norms so to as to make the world a better place to dwell for the upcoming generation.


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