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Election 2016
  • Difference Between Popular Vote And Electoral Vote
  • Impact To India

Donald trump is all set to be the next president of the United States of America. He is going to be the 45th president in the America’s history of 240 years. Obliviously Barack Obama was the 44th one. He is the republican nominee and has defeated Democrat nominee Hilary Clinton by 279 to 218 votes.

Most of you are confused what is electoral vote & what is popular vote,, why Donald trump in spite of getting less votes has won. Let’s understand this system of US elections.

The election and appointment of President in US is an indirect process unlike other democracies like India where people directly vote for their head of the government. The election of both president and vice president in US is technically an indirect election.

What is Electoral Vote –

There are in total 50 states in US. Each of these states castes as many votes as there are total number of senators and house representatives in congress. If a particular state has more senators then peoples in that part will cast more votes. The candidate who gets the maximum number of electoral vote is then selected for the office. In other republic like INDIA where the person getting maximum number of votes gets selected, but here in US it’s not about the maximum numbers of popular votes, but the aforesaid electoral votes that matter.

This popular vote and electoral vote thing has not happened for the first time. Earlier too George Bush too got less popular votes but won due to more number of electoral votes. Similarly Rutherford and Benjamin Harrison too won the elections through electoral vote.

If no candidate receives a majority for president then the house of Representatives chooses the President, And if no candidate receives a clear majority for Vice- President then the Senate chooses the Vice- President.

Term of A US President –

Brief introduction of the US president election. An election for US President is held after every 4 years. No one can hold office for more than two terms. However, before 1940 anyone could the president of the US for as many years but it was changed later. An election always occurs after the first Monday of November that is on Tuesday.

india and usa are friends or foe
Map of india and US

Impact on India – what will India Loose ??

Trump has a hawkish trade Policy of America First and he will definitely renegotiate all the trade policy. As India enjoys a good relationship with the US this all might be in danger.

Trump has a good insight of business. Trump’s promise of reducing the Corporate Tax from 35% to 15 % might result in Companies like GM, Ford, Microsoft eluding from India. These companies have set up offices in India on account of low taxes and cheap labor, but if America is going to lower its rates, they might return back to America, which will result in loss of a number of jobs.It might result in Stock market Volatility – Stock market volatility will be there in the initial months. Foreign investors might pull out money from India.

Trump might check the foreign inflow.H1-B Visa issue – Trump has promised to have the check on H1-B visa, and might introduce a cap in order to facilitate local US job seekers. Approximately 65000 H1-B visas are granted every year out of which 25000-35000 alone is for Indians. These might hamper Indians at the US largely- especially the higher paid jobs like engineers, doctors etc.

Impact on India – what will India Gain ??

Trump might have a good relationship with India.He wants to woo Indian entrepreneurs and students to the US.Trump’s stand on China might benefit India as he despises China very much, which would ultimately benefit India.He is not pro-Pakistan unlike other Presidents, and there might be cuts in funding to Pakistan. He labels Pakistan as a safe heaven for terrorists, which would also ultimately benefit India.There might be closer business and defense ties between India and US.



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