differenectalk shows how entrepreneurs are different from businessmenEntrepreneur and businessman are two terms associated with the founder who starts a business. These two terms look akin to each other to general mob, to some extent they are correct but their are few core differences between them, which completely changes their identity. The Businessman is the one who traces the path which is already traced, but the entrepreneur walks through odd and makes his own path. A Path builder is always superior than a path tracer. Down below in this article we have further discussed  in detail, the various factors which can help you build a better understanding of these terms.  

entrepreneurs are different from businessmen



An Entrepreneur is a person who starts his business with a completely new idea or is improvising the existing system in a unique way. The entrepreneur is the risk taker who starts his business with a motive to solve the problem of the general crowd. They do their work on a purely innovative method. The company started by an entrepreneur is a startup company. They get the first round of funding through seed funder who are usually angel investors. Entrepreneurs are always the market creator, they don’t follow the general crowd but use his own out of league approach to rule the market. Therefore the entrepreneur has to worry less about the competitors. They usually have great risk taking capability and often have purpose which is beyond money-making. They  are the real gem of the society who have the power bring change in the society, in some way or another they are the building blocks of the society.



A businessman is calculative by his approach. He comes into the market with the sole motive of earning profit or money making. The businessman catches the new trend or the hot business, which is going to rule the market and spend money on it. Businessman works on things which are in huge demand. The risk taking factor for the businessman is usually low because he is running the business which is already run by the rivals. They have major competitors in the market. So they have to work more on price-tags and marketing, to be in the market. They fight for their survival in the market. They change their business when they find that the business they are doing is not yielding much in the market or the survival is too fierce due to bottleneck competition.               

Based on innovation

A business man works with the existing ideas prevailing in the market. He enters into existing businesses, such as franchising and retailing. He chooses a hot and profitable business idea regardless of whether it is his original idea or borrowed from someone else.         
An entrepreneur is someone who works on his own original idea. So the entrepreneur is a person who develops his own innovative idea which may have a motive of transformation in the society.

Based on purpose

A businessmen do a business for the purpose of making a large profit, earning a good livelihood or lifestyle. Although there are some businessmen who are non-profit oriented.
An entrepreneur is more concerned about the change that he could bring to the world. They are not very much keen about the financial return, rather they are bothered about achieving their ultimate goal.

Based on risk taking capability

Businessmen take calculated risks. They can’t  afford to lose all their money, so they do all possible mathematical calculations before investing the money.
An entrepreneur is  someone who can take crazy risks without much bothering about the amount of money and time that would be required to pursue their passion.


Based on focus

To simplify, the main focus for Businessmen is:

  • Administration of business
  • Search for truth, Short-term
  • Utility, Incremental
  • Features
  • Facts, Verbal, Measure
  • Minimal Risks, Predictable, Smaller Rewards
  • Profit

The main focus for Entrepreneurs is:

  • Invention of business
  • Search for what is interesting, Intuitive, Long-term
  • Holistic, Significance & Meaning, Leap forward
  • Benefit
  • Emotion, Visual thinking
  • Risk, Uncertainty, Potentially High Rewards
  • Value Addition



The businessman makes his space into the existing market on the basis of the hard work and patience. They  are in the market because they are surviving the bottleneck competitions. Due to  thinner margin and strong competitors it becomes really hard for the businessman to be safe, if they don’t  try something new every time. But on the other hand the entrepreneurs are market creators. They have to work for the sleepless nights to create their market. They usually have low competition because their market is nascent and is not touched by other players in the market.


On the basis of approach

The businessman has a sole motive of earning profit. They  look for opportunities through which they can tap the market and bag huge profit, but the entrepreneur is a creative artist they give time to do something completely  different and unique.Their work   creates their  identity. They usually are slow  in their initial stage.


Author’s perspective :

The Entrepreneur and the businessman are both in the market to do business.Both will want their company to flourish and see good figures in the future.They follow almost the same process, but they differ too much in their core value.Entrepreneur’s works are people focused while the businessman’s works are money focused.Entrepreneurs are excited to try something new and adventurous,but the businessman has trained himself to follow the same set of rules (prohibit himself from taking too much risk). The entrepreneur works his ass off to convert his vision into reality, but the businessman is quite vigilant towards the market and quickly adapt to the trends in the market (This is their survival principle).





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