difference between hilary clinton and donald trump

The night of the biggest debate of next US president would be over soon. We soon would be getting a new world leader. But the biggest question here is who – HILARY OR DONALD , would be better for the world, humanity, economy, for American people themselves.

Lets critically analyse the two personalities – they both are very contrasting to each other . While one talks of civil liberties the other talks about bans. While one believes in the idea of glorifying America by isolating it, the other believes in the idea of increasing co-operation.

Let us compare the two in different parameters –

  1. Leader – As a leader, Donald trump seems to win the rtace. He has much more diverse personality , is capable of taking bold decisions and also out of the box. He definitely wins the race here.
  2. Humanity – On the basis of humanity , Hilary Clinton definitely would be a better choice. She is much more compassionate , has faith in pluralism and being a woman always has that caring and affectionate attitude. Doanld Trump on the other hand has spoken against Muslims on the forefront of terrorism, and is of the idea to end pluralism and open society.
  3. Economy – this is where the battle gets tough. One can say that Donald Trump being a businessman has better idea of how to drive the economy, but its not about running a business, but its actually about the economy of whole of America, of the world. But still Donald beats here Hilary on the pretext of his understanding of the market & business enterprises.
  4. Liberty & Citizen Rights – Donald trump believes certain sanctions are necessary for the smooth governing of the people. Like he is of the view of banning immigrants from across the world, as in his opinion they are soaking up the jobs of Local American people. Hilary on the other hand is more open minded and would embrace all the people.
  5. Terrorism & Pakistan – terrorism might suffer a mighty blow under the leadership of Trump. He has now and again claimed that he has a secret plan to kill ISIS and is very vocal against Pakistan too. He would cut down their grants as they are already proven terror state. Hilary too condemns terrorism in all forms, but Donald seems to be more fierce and radical and thus wins the race over here.

THUS the fight between the two is very close, neck to neck and it would be interesting to see who finally crosses the finish line. Anyway history would be created in the US with either first time a woman president or a first time non-political background president !!

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