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Are you really struggling with the problem, how to write amazing articles? , how to attract the audience? how to decrease bounce rate ?. This list of actionable techniques can really put your wheel right on the track.You be amazed to know that writing the best article is not just an art but it also includes science. Once you get to know this real trick, you will understand how easy it is to write a great article.

Do you know the reason behind the successful content writers? Why does reader engage and subscribe some blogs more than other? It’s because successful writer’s articles have something special in their content which is ignored by most of the content writers who fails to engage with the audience.

These tips are easy to understand and implement in our day to day content writing stuff.Here in this blog, i will reveal few proven tips for writing the articles, which is generally ignored by bloggers.

Good articles are the articles, which has a well-researched topic, and the whole composition of the article is fair enough, means at least it carries few points which can be well understood by the viewers. But below in this section, I will discuss certain points which can help you write great posts.


No matter how interesting things you put inside the article, the potential visitors won’t click your masterpiece until and unless its title is catchy. This single fact is most efficiently utilized by pro bloggers.

Easily doable techniques to write a catchy title:

While writing title always keep in mind the taste of the target audience. Here, below are the example of two different industries.The First image shows how the title should be written for productive topics. The second image shows how catchy title should be written for casual articles.


In this image it shows these amazing techniques:

  • Utility
  • Result oriented
  • Time period to achieve result

The article is not over-promising his audience, at the same time shows utility and benefit within a time-frame. So every article which is similar above  example must contain utility( what audience will get by reading the article ) , result oriented(you should show  outcomes which are reliable and can be obtained) and  time duration ( specific time period drives confidence in the mind of audience and also creates a feeling that it is achievable).




In this image it shows these unusual techniques:

  • Catchy words
  • Benefits
  • Connecting people by provoking their emotions.

This title is using catchy words (ex. 12 ways, 10 secrets, revealing techniques) to address his crowd with benefit oriented approach. It also talks about provoking topics (friend zoned, true love, pleasure, date).So that the viewer finds inner propulsion to read it.

With these two examples, we have explained how the title should be written according to the audience.


2.Being tough is easy, but it’s tough to be simple

Every article should be explained in a very straightforward and easy to understand language. You should not use very complex sentences. If your articles need complex sentences, then break the complex sentences into simple sentences. So that audience doesn’t have to re-read the lines.



 3.Write something worth reading, Time is precious

Imagine a condition where the title is over-promising and when you entered the blog, things were not as they were branded, points were not clear. So would you ever land up on that website again? So, in terms of ROI (return on investment), for reading any article the reader invest his 1 to 2 min. He must feel that he has utilized his time and it adds value to his knowledge. So that he feels good in sharing the article on social sites.



4.Excess of anything is bad

It would appeal boring if you try to put only facts and figures in your should contain both fact ,data and interesting thing in correct proportion so that readers don’t find it annoying. It would be superb if you can explain it in a form of the interesting story.

man drinking extra coffee -difference-talk

5. Articles should be well crafted

   Every article must be broken down into few subtopics, and every subtopic must contain an attractive title, which relates well with the sub-topic explanation because if the readers want something specific, then he can jump into that subtopic.

man arranging puzzles

6.Don’t  Try to give everything at once

  Don’t try to give everything in one article.Remember too much knowledge at one stroke spoils everything. If any topic needs further detailing, then you should give external link to the resource site. If the visitors want to study the further detailing, then he can go to the resource site.

man with multiple arms

7.Make it enjoyable even if it is boring

Every article contains few parts which are boring, so you should use words which stir up a positive feeling in the mind of the readers. ex.(10 secrets I got to know after years of hard work).Hence, he is psychologically forced to read boring stuff too.






8.Use trigger words to bind the users

Every article should contain trigger words to excite different emotions in the audience. Below we are discussing the suggestive trigger word which if used in a proper manner can bind the users.

  • Trigger words for health topics ( vital, Boost, cure, energize, gain, lose)
  • Trigger words for hope topics(Destiny, overcome, Bright, success, empower, failure, striving )
  • Trigger words for passion(Blissful, Delightful, jubilant, rejuvenating, exotic, arouse)
  • Trigger words for powerlessness(Helpless, Paralyzed, agony, surrender, ineffective)

Every article written has a single motive to connect with the audience. The article would be dull if it cannot arouse right emotion at the right time, so necessary trigger words are used to stir up emotions.The audience can feel the article and better understand it.

word cloud of trigger words



9.Talk with your readers

Mostly, you should try using the second person to address the audience so they may feel their involvement in the article. Hence, they can somehow feel what you want to convey. They may become your loyal readers and who knows loyal customers for your affiliate products.



10.A good picture worth a thousand words

Words are good to convey the message, but relevant images are great in explaining things which are beyond the scope of expression through words. Always post relevant images supporting your topic or sub-topic and cut down extra garbage which could otherwise ruin the show.



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