In this article, we are picking up the two most confused terms Queer and Gay.These terms are used to refer the Homo sapiens who could not meet the stereotype of the normal humankind. They are often the shades of color which are like dirty spot on the canvass.

Many people consider these two terms synonymous with each other, but when looked at subjectively, they are quite different from each other. Urban Dictionary explains these two terms as queer is strange and gay is happy or pretty.

queer umbrella

Definition of Gay

Gay refers to men who are attracted to the same sex. This term is specifically for the man who only loves other man or gets attracted to another man. The attraction for the same-sex started in Greece, but it generated prominence with gay rights movements of late 1960’s. Gay soon became a term of political commitment, rejection of the term “homosexual “and connotation of diagonal illness. The word Gay has been in the English Language since very early times, from the 12th century onwards. It derives its origin from Old French word gay, which is considered to have derived from German. The word gay was quite common in earlier times as it meant being bright, carefree and joyful in those times. But from the late seventeenth century, the term gay has been attributed to a person who is addicted to pleasures and is light-hearted.

Definition of Queers

Queer is an umbrella term that encompasses all types of homosexuals – both gay and lesbians, and transgender too.  Queer if looked for meaning in dictionary also signifies UNUSUAL OR STRANGE. Gay is an adjective and queer is a noun. Queer is a word that found its place in the English language during the 16th century. It was related to German word ‘queer’ that meant ‘at a right angle, across or transverse.’ With growing trend of individual identification, this group term(queer) soon became out-dated.People also started to refer the person by their individual group names or common nouns, which were more specific ex. Lesbian, gay, etc.

It is Used to refer to a man who is attracted to another man. This term is used only for the man who is not straight or does not fit into the stereotype of mankind.

1 It is Used to refer to a man who is attracted to another man.This term is used only for the man who is not straight or does not fit into the stereotype of mankind. It’s a collective noun, used to refer to the whole group of individuals who are homosexuals, attracted to their own gender people and trans-genders also.Example Bisexual, Lesbian.
2 Homosexual man prefers to be called gay nowadays than queer, as they want to separate themselves from other homosexuals. The use of queer term is almost obsolete nowadays.
3 Gay term originated way back in 12th century Queer term originated in 16th century.
4 Derived from French  word, Gai. Derived from German word ‘quer’ that meant ‘at right angle, across or transverse’


Authors Description
The word gay is refer to the homosexual man who have liking for their own gender people while queer is an umbrella term that constitutes all the homosexual people, whether it be gay, lesbians or trans-genders. Gay on one hand is an adjective used to refer to male homosexuals, queer on the other hand is a collective noun. The use of the word queer has been obsolete nowadays, it is replaced by more specific terms such as gay, lesbian.


  1. HaLLO::::
    “he is queer” bedeutet vielleicht soviel wie. “der is “schräg” , oder der is Anders ,oder
    er iat etwas “abgedreht”,

    “Schwule und Lesben” versuchen scheinbar das Wort “queer” für
    sich alleine zu beanspruchen


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