Celsius and Fahrenheit are the two scales of temperature measurement. This articles does not explain the difference between Celsius and Fahrenheit.They perform the same function that is they both give the temperature readings but on a different scale. The readings come larger in Fahrenheit scale owing to its larger scale, thus the Fahrenheit scale offers more precise reading as compared to the Celsius scale ( as least count for it is smaller than Celsius scale). Neither of the two scales is absolute, that is zero value does not indicate the absolute zero value in both scales. However, both are monotonous and have a well defined positive slope, meaning with the increase in temperature the values on the two scale also gets increased. The common point of both the scales, that is the point where both scales show the same reading is in -20’C and -20’F. One important point to keep in mind here is that all the readings provided here are with respect to one atmospheric pressure, as with changing pressure temperature too varies.


Celsius scale was discovered by Andres Celsius( 1701-1741), a Swedish astronomer. Earlier the scale was known as the centigrade scale. He chose 0’C as the boiling point and 100’C as the freezing point. One year later a French national, Jean  Christin invented the scale – marking 0’C for freezing point and 100’C for the boiling point. But later in 1948, by an international agreement, the Christin scale was renamed as the Celsius scale in order to honour Andres Celsius. Thus the difference between the two states of water ( vapour and solid) comes out to be 100′.

Fahrenheit is a scale named after the German – Dutch physicist Daniel Gabriel Fahrenheit. The scale was proposed by him in 1724. The freezing pint of water in this scale is 32’F and the boiling point is taken as 212’F, thus having a difference of 180’ between the two states. It was used popularly in the European countries in the 18th century but now everyone prefers the Celsius scale,  except the USA where still the Fahrenheit is a popular scale.

Conversion Scale –

From Fahrenheit to Celsius: (F – 32 ) * (5/9)
From C
elsius to Fahrenheit : (9 C / 5 ) + 32

Celsius and Fahrenheit – Tabulated Form

conversion Chart from Celsius to Fahrenhite :

Degree Celsius Fahrenhite
0 32
5 41
10 50
15 59
20 68
25 77
30 86
35 95
40 104
45 113
50 122
55 131
60 140
65 149
70 158
75 167
80 176
85 185
90 194
95 203
100 212


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