In this article we are mainly dealing with the programming stuff, Why C is more versatile and difficult in comparision to C++.


Sr No. C C++
1. In C, the programming language is structural or procedural. In C++ the programming language is object oriented.
2. C can be viewed as a subset of C++. That means every operation that can be performed in C can also be performed in C++. But converse may not be true. C++ can be viewed as superset of C.

C++ can execute most of the c codes (being superset of C).

3. C follows the top to down approach. C++ on the other hand follows bottom to up approach.
4. Since C is a procedural programming language ,the emphasis is on procedures or steps to solve any problem.  C++ is object oriented; emphasis is on objects rather than procedures to perform any task.
5. Functions are the fundamental building blocks in C. Objects are the fundamental building blocks in C++.
6. In C (because it is a procedural programming language), data and functions are independent of each other and are thus free entities. In C++ (as it is used as an object-oriented programming language), data and functions both are clubbed together in a single entity called object. For the creation of an object class provides a blueprint of a structure of the object.
7. Programs can be categorized into modules and functions. Programs in C++ can be categorized into classes and functions.
8.  Polymorphism, encapsulation, and inheritance are not supported by C (As it does not allow for object orientation) Polymorphism, encapsulation, and inheritance are all supported by C++ (As it is an object oriented programming language)
9. In C, variables have to be defined before the beginning of a function. On the other hand variables in C++  can be defined anywhere in the whole function.
10.  scanf() and printf() function are used in for input and output operations. cin>> and cout<<  are used in C++ for input and output operations.
11. Features like function overloading and operator overloading are not present in case of C.  Features like function overloading and operator overloading are supported very much by C++.
12. reference variables are not supported in C. Reference variables are supported in C++.
13. C doesn’t support exception handling directly. Some other function has to be defined to use this. Exception handling is supported in C++. It is done by using try and catch block.
14. Dynamic memory allocation is done through malloc() and calloc() functions, and  for memory de-allocation C uses free() function. Memory allocation in C++ is done through new operator  and  for memory de-allocation C++ uses free operator.
15. In C, the data is not secured and can be accessed by external functions. Data is hidden and cannot be accessed by external functions.
16.  Files are saved with .C extension in C. Incase of C++ files are saved with “.CPP” extension.


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