burglary may change into robbery

In this article we will define and focus on key  difference between burglary and robbery.Contents of  the page are as follows :

Most of us often get confused between the terms BURGLARY and ROBBERY because it generally involves the unlawful taking or grabbing of someone else property. The term “theft” is same as a robbery but burglary is somewhat different.
Now let us see the difference and similarity between them.

What is  Robbery ?


Robbery basically involves the act of taking away someone’s else property without his wish, by using force or on the verge of threat. In order to call a crime as robbery the victim should be present at the scene otherwise, it is termed as theft. Robbery is the violent crime but that doesn’t mean the victim should be injured. An example of robbery can be looting a bank or asking the cashier to forcefully give the money.

What is  Burglary ?

DEFINITION of Burglary
In the burglary, it is not imported to take someone else property, the attempt of unlawful entry to some structure that is someone’s house or shop can be termed as burglary. So burglary is something when you enter somewhere with an intent to do the crime. There is no use of force and violence in case of burglary. So burglary is a somewhat smaller crime as compared to robbery. So burglary is the just attempt of robbery or theft.

Hope this article would be useful in understanding the difference between these two.


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