In This article we are keenly focused on two types of political parties THE REPUBLICAN and THE DEMOCRATIC and their core values. These two parties are the major political parties of the US. They however work for people’s welfare but their main vision behind their decision making is different .So below in this article we have discussed in detail the about parties THE REPUBLICAN and THE DEMOCRATIC and their major differences.

democrats vs republicans


Who are Democrats?


The Democratic Party was founded in 1824 as a result of the US freedom struggle against the Britishers and thus this event shaped their ideology and philosophy greatly. The core values of the Democrats were stated by Thomas Jefferson. This core value states that all people are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. This means they care about the people and they believe that life is much more meaningful when our actions express this concern. This means all people, not just our fellow Americans.  Democrats are considered as liberals and are more open to modern day approaches ( like – they support gay marriages , abortion ,in controlled capitalism, believes in social and community responsibility ). They are considered to be on the left side of the political spectrum. Leaders like Franklin Roosevelt (FDR), John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton and Barack Obama belong to  the Democratic Party.

Who are Republicans?


The Republican party was founded in 1854 by anti-slavery activists and the modernisers and this event shapes their ideology. The republicans are called as conservatives and are pro-religion (they vote against gay marriages, abortion, believe in individual rights and justice ). Republicans are considered on the right side of the political spectrum. Leaders like Abraham Lincoln,George Bush were from THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. They support poor and they fight  for their rights and sees that every poor may at least get the minimum wage so that their family may not suffer. The republicans focus chiefly on the development of the US and not the entire world.


difference between hilary clinton and donald trump

12 difference between Democrats and Republicans


Sr No. Democrats Republicans
1. The representative of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY  are Considered  as liberals. The representatives of the REPUBLICAN PARTY are Considered as conservatives.
2.  They represent the left wing of the political  spectrum.  They represent the right wing of the political spectrum
3.  It is Founded during the American freedom struggle by the anti-federalist people  It is Founded by anti-slavery activist.
4.  It Believes in social responsibilities.  It Believes in individual rights and justice.
5.  They Support abortion.  They are against abortion.
6.  They support gay marriages.  They are against gay marriages.
7. They Believe  that government interference is beneficiary for the customers.  They Believe that government hinders development  and votes for minimal regulations.
8.  They support immigrants entry. They are generally against undocumented immigrants.
9.  Colour – blue  Colour – red
10.  Symbol  – donkey Symbol – elephant
11. The Famous Presidents – Franklin Roosevelt (FDR), John F. Kennedy, Bill Clinton, Barack Obama.  The Famous Presidents – Abraham Lincoln, George Bush.
12.  .The Presidential candidates for 2016 elections includes –Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, Martin O’Malley The Presidential candidates for 2016 elections includes –Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and others.




The DEMOCRATIC PARTY and The REPUBLICAN PARTY, both were born out of the civil moments/struggles. While the former originated during the America’s fight against imperial rule, the latter was result of the anti-slavery movements. Democrats are more open to modern ideas and believe in social responsibilities. On the other hand republicans are the conservative people who are pro-religious and oppose gay marriages, abortion and represent the right wing of the political stream. Another major difference is that while the Democrats believe that government regulations are necessary for the benefit of the customers, republicans believe in minimal regulations. In the end we can term Democrats as liberal and the Republicans as conservative.



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