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Crow Vs Raven – Differences between

Crow Vs Raven – Differences between

Image showing that article depicts difference between a raven and a crow
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physical appearance difference between raven and crow

In this article we chiefly focus on the minute difference which exists between a crow and a raven.In normal day to day life,it’s really very hard to distinguish between the raven and the crow through our limited understanding unless we have deep knowledge about their features.


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These birds look quite similar in appearance and hence it become difficult to differentiate between them. Both the bird belongs to the same group of species, looks similar in color and structure. Yet there are various points or facts which can help you to compare these two birds.



What is RAVEN?
A raven is a passerine bird which is found basically in northern America. There are almost eight sub spices with very little variation. Common ravens can live up to 21 years. It’s length is almost 63 centimeter and 1.2 kilograms in mass. Ravens are the general habitat of the wild area. Their feather is shiny and wet seen, they have pointed wings (almost 46 inches long) and moreover, they are more powerful as compared to crow. The sound of the raven is deeper and less loud or pitched as compared to crow. It may sound to our ears like “Gronk” or “wonk-wonk”. They are basically omnivorous and feed upon small mammals, human garbage, reptiles, small invertebrate.



What is CROW?
It belongs to the family of Corvidae. This is quite intelligent birds with an average lifespan of 8 years. They habitat around urban civilization. They are the small sized bird as compared to raven almost 43 centimeters (17 inches) in length. Their feathers are less shiny and have blunt wings with a wingspan of 32 to 40 inches. These birds are quite social and can live with the human populated area. The produce a very high pitch loud sound which may not soothe the ears. They produce a sound like “kaw-kaw” which in India (at some parts) it is believed that they indicate the coming of the guest to your house



What is the difference between a crow and a raven?

Sr No. Crows Ravens
1. Average life span of crow is between 6 to 10 years


Average life span of raven is between 21 to 30 years.


2. Crows are usually found in towns and cities, mostly in densely populated colonies Ravens are found in rural areas mostly around cattle and sheep and farmland.


3. Crows are more intelligent than raven Raven are less intelligent and sharp.


4. Crows are physically less powerful than raven Ravens are physically more powerful than crows
5. The sound of a very high pitch loud sound which may not soothe the ears (KAW KAW) The sound of the raven is deeper and less loud or pitched as compared to crow(Gronk-Gronk)
6. Tails are usually Fan-shaped in case of crows


Tails are usually Wedged-shaped in case of Ravens
7. Crows are usually smaller in size(40-45 cms). Ravens are usually bigger in size.(60-65 cms).
8. Crows are more social with the human being as they habitat around their dwelling place Ravens are less social as they dwell in forest region mostly around cattle and farm lands.
9. Bill of crows is small and flat. Bill of ravens is more powerful and curved.
10. Feathers are less shiny. Feathers of raven look shiny and wet



This short video shows some of the more obvious physical differences between a raven and a crow

Raven and Crow are two species which are quite similar to one another when viewed with naked eye.But when viewed with some critical analysis, then some of the small differences can be  drawn between them on the basis of their habitat and appearance.All possible differences are listed above in the tabular form but the major difference is the feather feature, where in the case of raven the feather is shiny and wet while in a case of crow its dull and blunt.


  1. As an ornithologist I always like to read thru posts like these I find them interesting but you might want to correct two of the comparison points you have posted. First about the intelligence comparison. The raven is considered among the most intelligent animals in the world, not just amongst corvids or other bird species. Their intelligence tests to about the average of a four year old human toddler. This has been lab tested over and over again. They are smarter than crows… Secondly the raven will find itself just as comfortable in an urban environment as a rural environment. They are inherently extremely curious and completely unafraid of just about any setting and situation they may find themselves in. A fascinating bird…


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