The words among and amongst can be quiet confusing when used if you don’t have the complete information about them. Let’s see how these terms differ from each other and how to use them in the correct way as to avoid future errors.

Amongst is used more commonly in British, Australian and Canadian English. Although its use is very rare as compared to among. The –st in amongst is actually held over from earlier times as s sounds were added in the English language to denote adverbs

Though it is not a rule but as far as my understanding amongst is used more in case to refer to an  individual or a single thing among a group of things (eg.-ram speaks most fluent  amongst the whole group of boys ) while among is used to refer to the whole group (eg- ram’s company stands out among all other e-commerce company)

Both among and amongst are prepositions and mean in midst of. Among is more commonly used both in British and American English and some studies even point out that the ratio of use of among to that of amongst is 10:1.

Though among and amongst have the same meaning the Key differences between them are as follows:-



Among synonyms – amid(or amongst), mid, midst, through, in the thick of .

Example sentences –


  • The leftovers were distributed equally among the poor.
  • The disease spread among the residents very quickly.
  • Insects hide among the leaves to be safe from overflying birds



  • Amongst all the social networking sites, facebook is most used.
  • Canine teeth is the sharpest teeth amongst all teeths.
  • Amongst all other sports cricket is the most played sports in India.



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