In this article, we have put our focus on fundamental beliefs which have ruled and are ruling the mankind in different shades.Religion is a series or belief or faith that there is someone who is superhuman and is controlling us in all aspects. While the other term which stands at peer to it is SPIRITUALITY. Spirituality is a broader term; it simply means the realization of true “SELF”. These two terms are defined in great in brief below in this article with the keen focus on the differences between these two terms.



Definition of RELIGION

Religion is a set of beliefs or the faith that guides the individual in his day to day affairs. These are also the cultural behaviors or practices which are often performed by the people of that ethnic group. They usually follow the sacred scriptures or holy book which contains the vivid description of the supernatural being which signifies a kind of the ultimacy. They lay down the fundamentals of life to guide each and every individual throughout his journey.
It also encompasses the basic way of living the life and the day to day rituals as outlined in the sacred book of that particular religion. It can also be viewed as the teachings for life by the supernatural being for their disciples. There are currently innumerable religions in the world. And the major ones include Islam, Christianity, Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and many others.

Definition of SPIRITUALISM

Spirituality is a broader term and can mean different for different people. In general, it can be defined as a universal human experience that touches us all.In the true meaning spirituality is the “REALISATION OF THE TRUE SELF”. People go for spirituality when they are in a quest for deeper meanings in of life. People experiencing spiritualism describe it as an internal feeling, internal connection with their body parts with their soul. It thus is a way of attaining supreme knowledge and looking for something that sort of feeling which is truly unexplainable in words. One can feel that energy and that connection once he/she attains spiritualism. There can be some ways of attaining it – but the most common among all is meditation, a practice where we sit unaware of all happenings around us and try to focus entirely on that connection, that thing which we are looking for.

Sr No. Religion Spirituality
1 An institution created for the purpose of preaching one’s teachings about the way of living one’s life. Spirituality is a broader term and relates to the gaining of enlightenment towards the meaning of life, its purpose.
2 Religion associates with a group of people, with a community, who have the same conduct. Spirituality is a personal experience; every person experiences a unique type of spirituality.
3 Religion is thus more public and social thing Spiritualism is more personal and private thing.
4   Religion can be many, ex- Christianity, Islam, etc Spirituality is only one, its of one type.
5 Rules and regulations of practicing religion are well  laid in books of respective religion. There is no such thing and its all personal understanding that leads a man to attain spiritualism
6 Religion is for those who want to follow a particular type of lifestyle – with rituals and formalities Spiritualism is for those who are in search of bigger meanings in life, to experience that feeling which is indescribable.
7 Religion has a set of principles defined which one has to follow without questioning them Spirituality allows one to introspect and question oneself about anything. Thus it is more liberal.
8 Religion though are associated with God; it does not take you to the same level as of God. Spiritualism provides you with that inhumanly feeling of God.
9 Religion divides people by their religion There is no such thing with Spiritualism, rather it unites people.
10 Religion thus is a list of “ To do ”. Spiritualism is associated with “ To BE”.
11 Religion organizes your life.  Spirituality gives you inner peace.
Authors Description
Both religion and spiritualism relate to the subject of ethics, philosophy and beliefs.
Religion is an understanding of a person about how to lead his life in a better way while spiritualism is that state of enlightenment. The ultimate goal of spiritualism is to gain that enlightenment, which wisdom about the purpose of our life and different religions underlay different ways to attain this. Thus religion is the pathway leading to spiritualism. There can be some ways (different religions provide different ways) to reach that ultimate state (spiritualism). These ways or different paths are thus termed as religions, and that ultimate goal is spiritualism.
Religion is more social and public term relating with a group of people while Spiritualism is more private and protected. Attainment of religion is aided with the teachings in the sacred books, there is no such thing in the case of spiritualism.


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