Mom and Dad according to Hindu mythology, are next to god for us.God cannot be with us all time so he created mom and dad to take care of us.They are an indispensable part of our life. They taught us everything and way we are today is just because of our mom and dad. I believe in love at first sight because I have been loving my mother since I opened my eyes and that’s the same case with everyone. It is said, “any man can be a father, but you have to be special to be called DAD”. For a son, his first hero is his DAD and for daughter her first love.

Mom and Dad have different roles towards their child but it is not important that they are bound to that role, sometimes a mother plays the role of father and vice versa.

NOW let’s check the Mom vs Dad



Most of us on an average are more close to our MOM as compared to DAD. Your mother is associated with softer part of a child’s life like love, affection, inner feelings. Anything we want to share with our parents most of us will choose MOM before DAD.



Have you ever wondered whose beating or Scolding in this world you feared the most? Yes, it’s your father. Most of the child in the world would either not bother or have no effect of their MOM admonishes, but have a great impact when it comes to DAD.



If someone asks a child, with whom you enjoy playing games more? Is it MOM and DAD. Most of the kid would come with the answer that its DAD. Mom’s activities tend to be more routine-based while Dad can come up with the bowl of exciting games that always brings new adventure to the child.


Everyone knows the women nature when it comes to shopping, a kid generally hates going out with his MOM for shopping or somewhere else, he enjoys more with DAD and feels more secure with his DAD as compared to his MOM.


Women are quite straight forward and say whatever comes to their heart ,they are more emotionally driven. Hence, a mom teaches moral values and etiquettes etc. A DAD generally teaches his child to how to handle the real life problems and tries to make him tough from outside as well as from inside.




Have you ever remembered if you want anything from DAD you would not ask him directly, you would instead ask your mom to ask your DAD, it might not be the case with every kid but with most of us. We are generally more open to mom and could ask anything without any hesitation.


” When you don’t find anything “Children have a habit of keeping their things really messed up.So, when they don’t find anything, they look for just one beloved person of the home and that is “mom”, even when dad does not find anything on the place, he also looks for our mom.Mom is the keeper of our home, one who cleans and arranges every mess we do in our house.


We don’t feel much when dad is out of the house, because every time dad is out of house mom is there to take care of us.But eventually, if mom is out on vacation, then the real trouble starts.Doing even the small house hold stuff is like solving a new puzzle.

Both father and mother are indispensable for a family. They have quite different roles to perform in a family but yet very much interconnected with each other. While father’s duty is to ensure an adequate supply of materials in the house, the mother has the responsibility to use the materials for the betterment of the family and family members. Their greatest responsibility lies towards their children. The father is associated with taking the hard decisions that a child has to make in his life, mother, on the other hand, is associated with softer things like love, affection and inner feelings for each other. However, in the modern world, the roles of mother and father are indistinguishable. It’s the result of their teachings that makes the child a good citizen.



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