In this article we are going to talk about the burning topic which is most debated all round the world these days. i.e., which country is going to have the upper hand in the war if it takes place in sometimes sooner? Briefly mentioning the chief military features of both the country, we can get a crystal clear answer to our question.

The cross-border firing has escalated after the attacks too and the two armies are now constantly engaging themselves in small attacks.

Indian Army at a glance

Indian army is ranked 4th among all the armies in the world while Pakistan army ranks 13th in the world.  The manpower comparison between the two countries reveals India’s potential twice (1,35,000) as compared to that of Pakistan (65000). In terms of nuclear power Pakistan is little ahead of India with 130 weapons as compared to India’s 118, though both are based on different type of technology. Pakistan uses uranium as a fuel while India Plutonium.

Talking about the machinery the Indian army clearly outnumbers the Pakistan army. The Indian army has around 6400 tanks while Pakistan around 2900. The Indian air force too boasts of more than 5000 different type of fighter planes, helicopters, carriers as compared to Pakistan number of around 2500.When it comes to Naval power, Indians here too have an upper hand with its naval capabilities having around 500 naval artilleries as compared to Pakistan total of 220.

Other factors like logistic, financial, geographical location and petroleum, all favour India to a large extent. If at the present time there happens to be a war between the two countries then there is absolutely no doubt that, which country will have the advantage. But Pakistan too is constantly upgrading its capabilities and with its old ally in the war zone in the form of China there is no doubt that they will be improving drastically in terms of total war machinery.

However, the biggest difference between the two armies, is what I feel lies in their culture and the environment, grooming which they get in their camps. Indian army is known as someone who is very proud of itself, confined in the powers of political system while Pakistan has a very strict system, its army is an independent body, which often do not consult the government before any due action. Talking about Pakistan, There have been instances in the past where the army had not trusted the govt for its action and had taken due course of actions, all on its own. While in India, the army has to take the approval of the reigning govt before carrying out any major operation.

Let’s look at the two armies in tabular form –


Though war appears to be a distance phenomenon and would only result in huge losses to both the countries- there is much possibility of them taking place at some time sooner and that is why the war loads are being continuously upgraded on both the sides.

Looking at the stats and capabilities one can say that India definitely outnumbers Pakistan army in almost all department (except nuclear capabilities where) by a margin of 2:1.Leaving the weapons if we can talk about the military planning and strategy, then India’s most trusted partner Israel has time and again helped India with its military secrets, which neither Russia nor America shares with India. Mentioning the role Israel played in the past kargil war was really heart-warming, because we used Israel’s military strategies and secrets to defeat Pakistan.   So if at any time war like situation prevails and both countries indulge in war – India will definitely have an upper hand.

Disclaimer:Above Information was appropriate at the time of writing article.


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