Here in this article, I bet  you have something new to learn. As these two terms get used in our formal and informal communication very often , but seldom we use it correctly .So in this article we will focus on the minute differences between  good and well.

Good   vs. Well

Though some articles are easy to write but some articles need serious thinking and research. This is one among such – The Difference Between Good  And  Well.

Well is used as an adverb while good is used as an adjective in English language.  While adverbs modify verbs, adjectives are known to modify noun. So we can say well is used to modify verb and good to noun.

Consider two simple sentences below –

  1. He loves to read good novels.
  2. He reads well.

Now the sentence 1 uses good as it is used to refer to the property of the noun – “Novel”, which is the noun over here.

The 2nd sentence uses well, because well is used as a property of the verb – “reads”, which is the verb in the sentence.

The only point were their usage becomes very difficult is when we are talking about the 4 senses – look, smell, fear and taste. One should be extremely careful whether to choose” good “or “well” while referring to this four.

One simple rule to keep in mind which proves to be very effective while making the choices is –

  • With the four senses, use” good “to describe the persons or things  being sensed(smell, taste)  and  “well “ to describe the person using the sense.
  • When referring to health, always use well.
  • When describing someone’s emotional state, use good.

Let’s understand this with a simple example.

Sentence- You smells good today.

This sentence refers to the person being sensed, as mentioned in the first of the above three rules, good will be used as we are referring to a person directly here.

Sentence – You smell well for someone with a cold.
Well is used here as we are referring to the person from whom smell is coming and another way of looking into it is that you are sniffing actively with your nose here so use the adverb.


Other example sentences –

1 – He looks good as an 85-year-old grandfather.

2 – One does not feel good about being cheated.

3- I am not feeling well today.

4- She does not look well today.

5- He jogged very well for his age.


I hope now you would have understood very well the key difference between good and well, and when to use which among the too. To sum it all up, i would say that well will be used as an adverb while good as an adjective. In case of the 4 senses of a human body their choice becomes very difficult and one has to keep all the rules of grammar before finally deciding on one between the two.


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