comparision queen bed vs full bed


A full bed is one which is  larger in size than a single bed ,and a twin bed. However it is smaller than Queen bed. It is also called double bed. The full bed has a length of 75 inches and width of 54 inches. The full bed fits easily into a small room and is also cheaper. For two persons having normal built this size is most  appropriate, as it meets all the constraints of space, prize etc. However two healthy or slightly overweight person would find it difficult to adjust in full bed. 21% of the total bed purchase accounts for full bed. As they are smaller in size they are mostly used in teenager’s room.

Queen Bed

A queen bed is the one having maximum size among all the sizes available for beds. Its dimension is 80* 60 inches (80 – length & 60 – breadth). It is ideal size for two persons to sleep peacefully. Even taller person will be comfortable in them. They are used in  the master bedroom normally. However, the major disadvantage is that it needs a large room to fit in and is expensive too as compared to other bed types.



The queen size bed is definitely the most proffered size of beds nowadays. It allows one that extra comfort which everyone is looking for, thanks  to its larger size. The full bed size on the other hand has advantage of being cheaper and because of its lower size it fits better in smaller areas.




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