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Difference between Flash drive and Pen drive

Difference between Flash drive and Pen drive

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Many of us consider the functionality of flash drive and pen drive as same though there is a thin line of difference between both of them. We can say that every pen drive is a flash drive, but not all the flash drives are pen drives. Both the drives serve the same purpose of storing data but yet they have few differences which most people are not aware of.  If you want to know what is the actual difference, then let us understand the primary definition of both the storage devices.

What is actually a flash drive?

Flash drive can be considered to be a USB device which is used for storing data and can be used for transferring data from one system to another. They come in very small size and yet can store a massive amount of data that you would like to carry in your pocket and start using it whenever you feel the use of doing so. They are highly robust and needless operational power when you insert this mini data carrier on your USB port.

What is a pen drive?

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Pen drives are one of the most common modes of storing data and are portable in nature. They are very handy and can store all type of data ranging from media, songs, document files, etc. Like floppy disks and CD drives, they are not very large and are easy to carry in your pockets. They have walked a long mile replacing the yesteryears CD and floppy disks.


Key Dissimilarity

Since now we are well aware of a flash drive and pen drive, let us talk about their differences

Functionality extent

Pen drives can be used as a USB storage device and are mobile, but when we talk about the flash drives, it has more functionality and can cater different data storage requirements.

USB plugin

Talking about the USB port, you can use a pen drive only when you insert it in a USB port, but flash drives can go beyond this and display your date even by being plugging it into a USB cord connection, direct USB or even your mobiles.

Data storage aspect

Data in a pen drive is stored on the internal memory chips whereas the flash drive uses the memory chip for storing data in the form of flash memory.


Flash drives were designed in 1999 by a company named M Systems and were later modified by IBM company whereas Pen drives were designed by Phison Company in the year 2001.

Storage capacity

You can get pen drives in the market with a storage capacity of up to 64 gigabytes whereas flash drives have more storage capacity and can store up to 256 gigabytes of your data.

Author’s review

So you must have understood that both these drives serve its functionality in storing data and are highly portable in nature. They are a source of back up for all your valuable data and can save you from losing any important data that is important to you. Whether it may be a flash drive or a pen drive both area savior for your data if you have a vast amount of data to store, then you can go for a flash drive over a pen drive as they have more storage capacity in comparison to the pen drives.






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