About us

About us

Differencetalk.com is a website which focuses sincerely on the difference between two common and unfamiliar terms. Our website provides a solution to tangled  terms  we come across while choosing the correct word which fits in the context or many times we don’t know the difference between the commonly used word. for example Debit vs Credit. ”HOMOPHONES” such as advise vs advice, this vs these ,there vs their  appears to be very confusing while writing but would be effortless while speaking as they have same pronunciation. On other side few words are different in spelling but have little difference in meaning like cheetah and jaguar, alligator and crocodile , raven and crow , eagle and kite. So this initiative  of ours is more likely to solve the problems which we come across in daily mundane.

Why us ?

Differencetalk.com site authors go through all available materials both online and offline and prepare the article in the most lucid and simple way mentioning the key differences. So that the users don’t have to scratch their head to pick out the differences. We also mention the basic definition to the mentioned topic .so that our users don’t have to face problems in understanding the terms. we look forward to provide one-stop package in the best way we can.

Contact us and feedback

Feel free to contact us regarding any queries(such as difference between new topics etc.) you want us to solve .You can also give us your much humble feedback both positive and negative .In both way we will look forward to be better than yesterday.