7 must read books for every budding entrepreneurs

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Startups are not as easy as it sounds, many jumps into this field without having any prior knowledge of this field.So,they ultimately fail. According to a research only close to 1% startups survives the bottleneck competition, the rest gets shattered with hefty loan amounts and struggling life. So reading good books can guide you through the nasty  path and save your ship from drowning.


1The $100 Startup

The $100 startup shows how to live an adventurous life and earn a good living. In his early thirties, the author Chris had a tour to almost every country on the earth – he has already visited more than 175 nations – and yet he’s never held a “real job” or earned a regular paycheck. The $100 Startup is your manual to a new way of living. Learn how to: – Earn as much as you want from a nine-to-five job but on your own terms and from anywhere you want – Achieve that perfect blend of passion and income to make work something you love


This book acts as a perfect guide for you to build your own start-up empire, to turn your those big ideas into reality. This book acts as a perfect self-guide for your start-up. The reader develops great confidence and belief as he goes on through each section of the book.

In the beginning, Peter speaks about the technological stagnation that we notice nowadays. He further stresses that IT technology has improved drastically and will continue to be so. But on the other hand, he highlights the fact that despite technological advancements, there are equally big opportunities in the offline market too.  The whole book lists out a number of do’s and doesn’t for your success.

The book thus guides you right from the 0 of the start-up business to the final 1. If you read carefully and apply all the guidelines, you will definitely reap a lot of benefits from the book.

3The Lean startups

The book basically talks about how startups are built even under the extreme situation of uncertainty. Every person have to clear the uncertainties and difficulties in order to achieve the ultimate success  The book focuses on the foster companies that are both capital efficient and make use of human creativity more often. The book basically tells how an entrepreneur faces the sour taste of difficulties in order to build up a successful startup.


You might have noticed how some products get viral into the market while other get a flop. The author NIR EYAL focus on how to build a habit-forming product, how to attract customer towards your product. This book is basically for marketers, startups founders all who want to learn the technique of selling their product in the market. Most appreciated books by founders of a same famous company like WordPress, Next web ,500 Startups etc .

“Hooked” by Nir Eyal is more of a psychological book, it will help those in the market who want to understand the behavior and wants to read the pattern of the customer in the market. The psychological pattern was never a new thing, as it was used by great leaders like Hitler and Mussolini. The same thing has come up once again in this book. Students of psychology can easily relate to the behavioral patterns discussed in the book. So if your startup needs a good market, then just have a look at this book. Be sure of one thing that this book has many things to get the wheel rolling.

5Entrepreneur 5 PM to 9. AM

If you don’t want to quit the job and still want to become an entrepreneur you need to read this book.It often happens you have a business idea but you hesitate to take risk of quitting your job and start a startup, because if you fail you will completely loose. This book teaches how to implement your business plan with a continuation of your full-time job.

This is an exciting doable book, which blends all the key tables and charts from the wide range of books on innovation with the entertaining story. It says that its perfectly ok if you want to start a company while working in a company. Because you will be nowhere, if you left your job and eventually your company also fails. So test every idea ,as with every failure you will be grow matured and experienced in this field. Whenever you feel like this is a potential idea. It can yield something in future then at that point you can leave your jobs and focus on it seriously. So read this book thoroughly ,because it contains the lot of things every budding entrepreneur must learn from it .

6Becoming STEVE JOBS

If you want to get some motivation in order to open startups read this books. This book basically tells how job fights all the odds in his life and become a great entrepreneur the world know him today. He left his studies , fired from his own company , faced cancer .. much more. You will know his excellent marketing skills and his abilities to fight uncertainties.

“Becoming Steve Jobs” is the second biography  of steve jobs. This book is written by Schlender and Tetzel, who have vast experience in the field of writing. They have spent a huge amount of time with Steve Jobs in sessions reading him ,questioning him. Steve Jobs also invested his precious time answering their questions. So when the book rolled out it created a huge sensation, as it covered almost all the nuances of Steve Jobs. It sometimes shows Steve Jobs as a tough, egoistic person. He chooses to be disliked, tough and hard on his employees. But the one who had worked with him will admit the charismatic he was as a person, who others can only dream off. So through this book, you can have a good taste of Steve Job’s life as an entrepreneur.

7The Golden Tap

Have you ever thought why million dollar cheques are given to young and inexperienced entrepreneurs? Why are companies no longer judged on their ability to make profits? Why the valuation of a startup can dwarf that of its well-established counterpart? Is it a bubble? Or have the rules of the game changed?

The golden tap is in a single word “must read book” for every budding entrepreneur. It encompasses in a phenomenally lucid way almost every strands of the startup ecosystem. It has revealed the inside story of the hyper-funded Indian startups. If you are looking forward to start a company then this book can be your perfect guide to show you path as a path illuminator. This book is structured into four parts; first two parts are just informative and entertaining .The real value of the book is seen from the third part onwards. So purchase a copy and dive into it.





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